Monday, October 6

what a weekend *)

thank God i'm able to blog again. so what have i been up to? um, besides job hunting, here's my weekend update *wink*

fri: had dinner with my girlfriend. too bad a couple of our friends didn't make it. so happy to be able to eat my fave shushis hehehe it's been a 1 1/2 since my last one. that's so unlikely of me =) my husband was so jealous that he wanted me to plan our next date already =) might try the new jap rest in our area called, sushi station.

sat: i just had the "just do it" attitude last sat. i went to menards and lowes to get my materials to paint all of our baseboards. i was not quite happy with my performance coz i think i was too slow, not to mention i started late ;) so i'm off to finish the rest today... +ing my fingers =)

sun (yanna's 3rd bday): the message was another eye opener. this "influence" series that bill hybels is covering for 8weeks has given me (although slowly) a new set of eyes. i just pray that the Lord will help me each day as i live it coz i sure can't do it without Him.

we managed to meet up with the filipino community there at willow. so glad we did. most of them were our age and so it was easier to relate. looking forward to building a wonderful relationship with this group and hoping we will be able to extend ourselves to others with authenticity.

we went straight to chuckecheese to celebrate my daughter's 3rd bday, but unfortunately their system was down for quite some time and so we headed off to caesarland in chicago. well, guess what? the place went out of biz. ugh! GREAT! so although i refused to go to go bananas (used to be jeepers) we had no choice, we wanted yanna to have a great time on her birth. it's not about us, so i had to set aside my preferences and make yanna's day enjoyable. i believe the place got flooded coz as soon as you enter, the smell was quite awful. thankfully, we found a good spot and was able to celebrate for our little one.

it's funny how the Lord led us to this place though. mind you, it's been years since i last saw my guy best friend. the only contact i had was with his parents whom i just send greeting cards to on every occasion. but anyhow, he was there at go bananas with his new fam. my husband saw him first and so we were planning a way to surprise my him, until they ended up playing right behind our table. long story short, we were both so thrilled to see each other and both families. they ended up celebrating with us. so besides the hassle of having to go to different places to celebrate my daughter's bday... thank God we ended up there. so weird seeing all the kids together though, it reminds us that we're not getting any younger... yikes!

well, that's it for now. gotta get back to painting! have a blessed day everyone!

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