Sunday, October 26

whoa! too much...

project goin on for the kids' school. noel and ayre worked together for ayre's science project (due tomorrow) while camille and i worked on her history project (due election day, but too much research and scrapbooking to do).

here's ayre's space rocket model (made out of legos - he's presenting it tomorrow) you can do it, ayre! i so love every details of this...

here's a preview of camille's election book (will post more LOs when project's done - still have a lot of pages to do. a lot of cutting, gluing, thinking and laughing comes with this project, but what i love the most is the bonding =)

i've been sore since yesterday. i finished painting one of my brother's bathrooms, last friday. i'm glad he loves the color i picked for him. it's a modern gray. at first i thought he wouldn't like it coz i know he's not into dark colors, but thank God he likes my taste hehehe. he says that's one of his favorite rooms in his house now, aww! i'm painting the master bath next and i think a lighter mocha would be great for it. he likes the idea, i just hope he'll like the results too. yikes!

i'm about to send the odb for tomorrow as well as send my resumes out again so i leave you with well wishes and a reminder that God is good all the time!

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