Tuesday, October 21

tired, but it's all good

it feels like this day was dragging. although i ran a few errands all morning, talked with a friend i haven't seen in ages, did a few things around the house, the day still seem too slow. anyway, so much eating and physical work since thursday. let me summarize if i can *wink*

thursday: hubby and i had a lil' misunderstanding the day before, but he totally surprised me by taking a day-off just to take me out on a date. as an early gift for me, he wanted to take me on a shopping spree, but i'd rather do an early Christmas shopping for our family rather than buying something for myself since i don't really want anything, but a job, you know what i mean?

i was so hungry so we decided to eat first. originally, we planned to try the sushi station in our area, but he wanted me to try, house of tokyo. wow! i must say it was all worth it. we arrived exactly in the beginning of the "all you can eat" dinner special. get this, it was $24 pp, the chefs just began serving fresh sushis in front of us while this little boat filled with different types of sushis sailed this long table we were in. we went sushi CRAZEE! it was too much for the night that it felt like the food entered our brain... oh gosh! it's too much just thinking back. we enjoyed the food so much coupled with some good laughs and great topics of conversation.

we then purchased a few gifts from aurora outlet, watched eagle eye then called it a night. purrty good i must say.

friday: my 32nd birthday - wow! time flies! i thank the Lord for giving me another year to experience more of His amazing plans for my life. God is good all the time, i tell yah!

well, although it's kinda tough for my husband to get a vacation from work, he requested this day anyway and thank God they approved it, but not saturday. well, better than nothing. we had a few things planned, but i was dragging. so we ended up at woodfield mall (kids' choice), they wanted to go to gameworks, but we were running late for dinner. i wanted to try weber grill since the kids and i get really curious every time we see that ginormous grill in front of the restaurant. how do i rate it? well, i finished my humongous burger w/ jalapeno cheese (i was hungry ok - but i prefer pepper jack cheese, but they didn't have it), i like the starter, which comes w/ shrimp, chicken, ribs, onion rings & somethin' else, and the rest of my fam were satisfied w/ their orders... so i would have to give it a 3 1/2 out of 5. only bcoz i'm not really a fan of grilled stuff and the server was somewhat in hurry to take things out of our table. but all in all, it was a night well spent with some of my loved ones. thank you Lord!

saturday: woke up early to help my brother move to his new condo in chicago. although i also like his town house before, i feel a new and good beginning here. the place of course is BEAutiful... surrounded with crown molding, tall ceilings, 2 huge patios, marble bathrooms, and cute layout. with all the loading, unloading and unpacking, they managed to surprise me with ube cake and yummy food... aww! they love me =) it was almost midnight when we got home.

sunday: we all woke up sore, but thank God for pain killers! the message once again, hit the nerve of my current situation. it's called, what we learn in downturns. of course with the downturns we've been experiencing this year, bill explained the hope that is in Christ with clarity and confidence that God is faithful through it all. it was the perfect time to have heard this message and i'm again, so grateful to our heavenly King. i plan to share bits of what i learned for tomorrow's odb (say no more, i know i've been slacking off with my odbs and believe me i'm so disappointed of myself and so i ask for your prayers).

the kids still wanted to hang out so we decided to just eat at panda express. we filled the place with our laughs... gosh, we're loud! hehehe

noel got home early from work. we watched indiana jones in the theatre room while munching on our popcorn and chocolate - it was heaven!

monday: went back to chicago to help my brother unpack. @ 2, we rushed back to pick up my son from school. did my daily job description as a mom and hit the bed pretty late.

that's pretty much what i've been doing the past few days. tomorrow afternoon will be voting day for me and my husband. are you guys ready? i'm sorta not, since i haven't reviewed the other candidates... hopefully tomorrow morning... i'm so bad =(

this week will be physically and mentally draining for me. my brother requested that i paint parts of his house, i have to help camille with her election 2008 scrapbook project & help my son, ayre with his science model project. since he's so fanatic with legos, we decided to make a model out of his legos. he just can't wait to start on it. as a matter of fact i'm pretty excited too! hehehe

well, that's it for now, i'm supposed to be sending out my resume, not bloggin' - WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH ME?

k, blessings to all! gnite =)

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