Friday, May 8

busy busy busy...

that's been my schedule for the past weeks.

things to do:
  1. work out - i've been slacking off lately coz of the following to do lists =(
  2. purge purge purge! this is a lot of work - need to get ready for the upcoming garage sale. (keep the "less is more!" mentality)
  3. create memorable gifts for the bday celebrants & grads in our family.
  4. finish wedding video
  5. house hunting
  6. keep up with volunteer work - i pick up donated food from panera, dominicks, woodman's, jewel & bakeries and drop them off to willow creek's food pantries in my area. and celebration of hope packing today - woohoo!
  7. shred - shred - and shred some more
  8. i'm sure i have more things on my bb - but just have to keep up with all of them - Lord help!

well, just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all the remarkable mothers' (whether you have your own or you're a mother figure to someone) a blessed and joyful mom's day! enjoy your special day with your loved ones!

happy mother's day mama! we miss & love u soooooo much!

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