Sunday, May 24

Congratz to my GRADUATE!

oh gosh! still can't imagine i have a daughter who's on her way to high school. i'm happy coz i know the Lord has great plans for her and i'm sad coz she's growing up too fast. i'm glad i'm still able to keep an eye on her though hehehe

well, i can only continue do to what i have to do as her mom. to continue to pray and submit her life to the Lord... besides what better way than to put her in God's hands =)

i know there will be many roller coaster along the way, but i'm ready as long as i have the Lord on my side!

well, just wanted to share a few pics before i sign off!
tomorrow's a big day for her and my bro-in-laws... a fancy dinner for 20 people is just perfect to complete the excitement! congrats again to my daughter who loooooves to laugh and happy birthday to my bro-in-laws!!!

thank God for the many blessings! gnite all!

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