Thursday, October 1

Indonesia & Samoa Quake

Indonesia quake toll rises to 531 dead while Samoa rises to 150. We are working with World Vision to send as much help as we can to the people of Padang, Indonesia & Samoa islands. Friends, I ask that you sincerely look around you and see how blessed we all are with the things we have, some we don't necessarily need, but we get it anyway coz of our wants... the desire of the flesh.

I encourage you to use your resources wisely and extend any help you can to these people who by no means have nothing anymore.

As we end the fundraising for the people in the Philippines, we, the Project HOPE Team start a pledge for another disaster relief for the people struck by the tsunami in Indonesia and Samoa.

We know we can't help everyone, but what better way to deal with this, but to come together in unity to pray and put our small/big resources together and take the opportunity laid before us to make a difference in the lives of these hopeless people. Saying we feel sorry for them doesn't make any difference... we need to take action!

SPREAD THE WORD MY FRIENDS AND LET'S WORK TOGETHER! Our distance shouldn't be a reason why we can't help... we have the resources to bring help to them. But what do you do from here?

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