Friday, October 2

New Storm "Pepeng" Coming

Per my cousin's email here's an update re: the new storm "pepeng":

Right now what we need to do is to PRAY that BAGYO PEPENG change i'ts path, PAGASA categorized it as a SUPER TYPHOON, like KATRINA which did a lot of damage in New Orleans, USA. Right now it's direction or path is towards Central Luzon. We're praying that it changes it's direction. According to PAGASA it would hit Central Luzon tomorrow (saturday) late morning or afternoon. Let's all pray and hope that BAGYO PEPENG slow down and decrease it's strength. Always take care and GOD BLESS... Regards to all!
-Kuya Michael

Friends, this is a call for a mass prayer. No matter how much funds or goods we collect for the victims, prayer is still the #1 source of help. These are the times we shouldn't let go of the hope and faith we have in God. Only by God's grace we can get through this.

Thanks to all who sincerely takes their time to pray and for the ones who were so kind to share their blessings.

To God be all the glory!
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