Friday, April 9

Checkin in

Hey bloggers! And so I was convinced to reactivate my FB... I'm a bit cautious who I accept as a friend now so let's see how this will work. I thank God for privacy settings since I still wanna maintain my privacy and don't wanna broadcast the whole world things they don't have to know. Plus, it saves me from mysery =) I'm still not a huge fan since some people really uses it to live their fantasy life through it ( u know - 2nd personality).

On another note, I'm glad and grateful to the Lord for reconnecting me with people who played a significant role in my life. So all in all, I really wish this experience with FB will turn out to be glorifying to God =) if it leads me to a different route (a one ugly route) then there won't be any second thoughts for me... I'm closing it for good!

Ok, so I'm blogging while I wait for my sashimi rice. Something new for my lunch menu... I keep alternating between bibim bop, sushis and makis - now it's time to get somethin new! I'll tell you the verdict later!

Oops! Gotta go - time to fill up my one hungry belly =) happy friday!
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