Tuesday, April 13

Day 2 (Celebration of Hope Challenge)

oh no! my hubby and my son gave up last night already. they explained how bad they feel about what our brothers and sisters go through and how difficult it is to really be starving and not just hungry. my sis just emailed me and she's already struggling too. her son gave up last night as well. so now it's just me, my daughter and my sis. i gotta admit, it does give you enormous headache =( gosh! imagine what the poor people go through? i mean they have no choice but to feel the hunger, the headaches, the cramping every single day.

i don't know how long i'll last, but i'm still trying and have yet to give up. i don't even know how i did it the last 2yrs lol

i know the Lord doesn't need us to do this to prove something to Him... it's just a way of knowing what our brothers and sisters go through when faced with hunger or starvation.

what did i eat for lunch yesterday? i ate the chicken off of the $1 chicken sandwich i bought. for dinner, rice and beans... wow! that was somethin' else. i'm not really a fan of beans, but i had no choice... i was hungry =)

for lunch today, i'll probably eat the same thing or chicken bits w/ rice - depends what i find. but i realized yesterday how much i spend for lunch here at work alone..... it's crazy!

well, i need to eat now coz the people walking by right now are beginning to look like steak to me hahaha


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