Friday, April 16

Day 5 (Last day for COH Challenge)

ok, it's the last day of the challenge and i'm in awe of God's help in my time of hunger. i couldn't have done this w/o God's guidance. i was soooo jels when my hubby was munching on some chips last night, but he was nice enough to stop right away as soon as he saw me going crazy hahaha - i fell asleep with a stomach ache =(

but i'm sooooo grateful i was able to meet another 5 day challenge! i know the day is not over, but hey it's not easy to be in this type of challenge you know with the temptation all around you all the time - ugh!

well, i just wanna add too that i thank the Lord for giving my older sis another year of His amazing blessings! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE SALLY! WE LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!

wishing you all a blessed weekend! tgif!

God speed!

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