Thursday, April 15

Day 4 - COH

oh gosh! i can't wait - one more day and i'm back to eating normal again! it just goes to show how fortunate we all are to have access to food all the time. wow! i can't imagine how poor people do it to survive =( here's me complaining for not being able to eat what i want for 5days while the less fortunate have no choice but to try to survive for the next days to come.

today i felt cramps and dehydration. yes, i was tempted in so many ways... in fact i fell for 2 pieces of peanuts at work, but i caught myself right away. ugh! i feel so guilty =( again, it goes to show how easily tempted we get and without the help of the Holy Spirit ugh! i don't know how we can fight our temptations. my sis even reminded me how things will be if it's the end of the world... wow! thank God the Lord has my family in the book of life =) it's exciting to know that God has a place prepared for us already =)

again, this experience taught me the true meaning of abundance and blessed. thank you Lord for your grace! may this experience bring about ways for us to bless others as you continue to bless us. help us to extend the abundance we receive from you to make a difference in someone's life.

Lord thank you for this amazing experience. to You be all the glory =)

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