Tuesday, February 26

sick +(

i'm feelin' under the weather since yesterday... hope i won't get my kids sick though. thankfully, i'm working from home today. my daughter asked me to drop her off since our street hasn't been plowed yet... geeze, they're always late!

nway, last weekend i was feelin' creative again so i made this for my lil' godson, max! it was his bday and i wanted to add something memorable besides the gift we already have for him. we were late at the party again (nothin' new *yikes*), coz i was making this:
nway, i've got to tell you that the highlight of yanna's toddler years happened at max's party. barney was there! (played by max's awesome dad, martin!) ahhh! yanna couldn't get enough of him. there was an anchor when we were all leaving and yanna got teary eyed when she was saying bye to barney. aw! she spoke of him till the next day - so thanks to the magsingit fam for an awesome party!!! happy birth again max!

don't you just love the weather this past weekend? gosh! whatever happened? oh! hello! chicago weather?! just lovin' the surprises this place can bring =)

oh btw, i made my first "shrimp pad thai" - although my family loved it, i feel that i needed to put some more olive oil since it's kinda dry and a lil' more soy sauce, but i'm glad my family was so proud of me... hehehe i'm definitely likin' the chef in me... oust!
k gotta drop off my kids now and back to work!!! have a blessed day! till next blog!

here's some pics taken over the weekend:

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