Sunday, April 6

BEAutiful WeekEND

just perfect!

sat: the mb was up for cleaning already so i decided to start early so i can take the kids out after. we got some ice cream from cold stone & ayre's shake at oberweise and enjoyed the outdoors at the park. ayre and camille were too shy to get their pictures taken, but yanna was the opposite... she loves posing and seeing pictures of herself, so what was i to do, but to click away! went to target afterwards and was so happy we went coz i've been looking for a big stainless steel garbage can since ours gave up last week... thankfully, there was a 15gal on sale for $55 only... what a deal! besides groceries... i got me some stuff for my craft room and the kids' room.

sun: today's message hit the right spot again! it was about romans 8:31 - and even as i think about it right now, i'm grateful and so excited to find out what God has in store in my life. now i know that there is a reason why i was saved and i can't wait to see the end result. the msg gave me more reason to go on even when part of God's program in my life involves sacrifice in many things... i'm so all for it! there's no doubt i'm gonna need God's strength to overcome it, thankfully i have Him on my side.

so glad to see some friends at church today... most of them i haven't seen for a long time. had some short chit-chat, but better short than not seeing them at all, don't you think?

right now the kids are back and forth outside - again just enjoying the last few hours of the day. i'm about to work on the special video for mother's day which i originally planned to finish yesterday, but quite frankly i'm disappointing myself by taking time on doing it so hopefully it'll be up no later than tuesday.

here's some pics (mostly of my lil' one):
well, that's it this weekend! hope your weekend was well spent with your loved ones! till my next blog... God bless!

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