Monday, September 29

catchin' up

with blogging. i've been busy digging through the boxes in our storage. i'm trying to get rid of stuff and really just organize everything before i start working again (dunno when yet... hehehe). my husband said, "the key is if you haven't seen it for a year and you survived with out it... get rid of it." so although i have the tendency to keep it all... i closed my eyes and followed my husband's advice. ouch!

the result? wow! i see more space hehehe. but does that mean, more stuff to buy? um, hope not. i did go to ikea the other day to finally buy the bins for the playroom in the basement. i bumped into my old friend, butch and his wife, nova and managed to catch up a lil' bit. that was nice =)

over the weekend was my son's 11th bday and my mom's 3rd yr in heaven. we invited ayre's close friend, matthew (my girl, marge's son) and headed off to volcano falls with my entire fam. the fun was a success! love the laser tag with the kids... hehehe. the lil' ones snuck up behind me & caught me too many times... i'm guess i'll die easily @ war *wink*

got home at 9p and i still had to prep my palabok (filipino noodle dish) for the next day. i planned to cook early sunday morning so that i have time to get ready for church. but unfortunately, my sis thought we had all the ingredients for the palabok i was going to make. i ended up driving to 4 filipino stores and they were all closed. whaaaaat? so i had to just drop them off to church, got all the stuff i needed at the filipino store and rushed myself home to cook. for someone who doesn't cook, i think i did pretty well. took me 45mins to cook and 5mins to load everything in the car. however, there's one thing i realized... i will no longer desire to open up a catering business hahahaha and to think that was just 1 dish i made - so sad... but hey! regardless all the driving and the stress... i'm so happy to get great reviews for my palabok hehehe made it all worth it! thanks Lord!

well, we made it to the cemetery on time and celebrated my mom's anni & again, ayre's bday. some of my mom's close friends were there so that really completed our day. brings the good old memories =)

too bad noel was working 7 straight days... he missed his son's bday and my mom's anni. thankfully he's off today and tomorrow so bonding time with dad is our itinerary for 2 days.

oh and to all the couples out there... whether all is well or you're in the midst of a trying moment, i encourage you to watch the movie, "FIREPROOF"! How far will you go to keep your promise and save your marriage?

i love you all with the love of the Lord,

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