Monday, June 18

weekend of celebration!

sorry, i haven't blogged. i've been tied up at work and so many things in my agenda i need to finish.

we celebrated my brother's birthday and squeezed in the father's day celebration as well. lots of food for a last minute planning. so once again i was stuffed this past weekend. my brother didn't really want anything, but i kinda insisted since i don't want to give him anything he wouldn't really like so he suggested a gift cert at restoration hardware. got all the fathers in our family movie tickets for 2 and for my dad, i made out a simple plaque with a message that he has won a home makeover for father's day as our way of showing our appreciation. at first he was shocked and little by little he was so looking forward to it. target date july 7th - i'll definitely keep you all posted!

project HOPE update: we were able to print out a bunch of flyers and were able to send out an additional 100 of solicitation letters. noel has set up a day of going to parking lots to stick flyers on people’s cars. we received another great response from people who were able to view the info on our website and have planned to send their monetary donations this week. great job team! and again, thanks to all who continues to pray for us and for all the support we've been receiving since we've launched this project. i know God's hands are not too short to extend His blessings to you all!

yesterday, we gave the contractors a day off since i'm sure their families would want to spend time with them on father's day. bill hybels, our senior pastor gave a wonderful message about heroic fatherhood... it was a message of relationship between a child and a parent and of course it all relates to our own relationship with our Heavenly Father.

yanna had a singing fever yesterday during the service, so i had to bring her in the parent's room to keep her from interrupting the service hehehehe - people around us were so entertained by her singing the barney songs (i'm not sure if that's a good thing). she was singing her heart out paired with her facial expressions. so cute! it was priceless... if i can just keep her that way... she's just growing up so fast =(

anyway, after the service we all went to on the borders for a father's day luncheon. i think we were the loudest there. we had nothing, but laughs! thank God for His blessings of humor. it sure did surrounded us yesterday. =) so what did i get noel for father's day? i finally got him the tile wet saw he's been wanting for so long. he plans on updating our kitchen himself so i thought it was a great idea to get him started hehehe ;)

well, after 2 days of non-stop eating... it was time to walk it off - noel and i went to our favorite hardware stores (lowes, menards & home depot) i thank the Lord they're all close by. i was so sleepy the whole time we were shopping for supplies that as soon as we got home i had to excuse myself and crashed into my bed. wow! that was the first time i slept at 9pm after having yanna. yes, that's early for me already. i usually sleep at midnight or so... up to now i'm still sleepy hehehe i can't wait to have a vacation!


God bless!

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