Friday, June 8


Finally, I am now US Citizen lolzz.. Gosh! After how many years... That's what you call ( proscastinator)...Thank you Lord =) .. Anyways, my hubby and I had a great time yesterday... Not only we got free parking ticket but we were goofing around the whole time ( it started coz I had to do number 2..hahhaha) and I told him to stay there and don't let anyone take my spot and to text me when the line is moving..ha ha ha..Then coming out from the bathroom-- I was walking without my shoes on...Only because I didnt know that we were gonna walk that far... And I forgot to bring my sandals...Ha ha ha.. But my honey was soo cute -- He said that only me that can always get away with that..lolzz..So, he finds it funny and cute while my feet was killing me.lolz... I was getting so sleepy coz the line was too long...I had my DD already but still sleepy..... Ha ha ha .. My Oath Ceremony wast at 8AM.. So, we had to wake up at 5Am.. Got ready. We went to drop off Des at mommy, so she can get ready for school and good thing the school bus also stop there. Then we went to drop off Kai at my in laws then went straight to downtown... But my Oath was short--- We got out of there around 930Am but you know how I am --- I was still chatting with some people I met....N-ewayz, gots to go for now... Enjoy the rest of your day...And I will see some of you tomorrow and the rest on Sunday ( Lia's dedication..)

Oh and let me introduce you Funmi ( she's from Nigeria).. She's really nice.. We were talking for 2 hours. lolz.. She works at St. Mary's.. Oh man! she can talk.. But very nice lady.. She had no camera -- So i told her if she don't mind. I will send her a copy of our pictures.

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