Monday, June 25

dedication to God

hi all! how's your weekend? mine was somewhat productive, relaxing and cheerful weekend. but before i tell you why.... i'd like to take this opportunity to extend our warm thanks to everyone who have sent in their donations in the mail. it's such a blessing not only to see these donations come, but the fact that there are people who share the same vision as we do. thank you for not waiting any longer as well as for taking action to pour out your resources and share them with the less fortunate. this is all for the glory of our great Prince of Peace. so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. - ph team

ok, now back to my weekend story...

friday, we celebrated my niece's 15th birthday. wow! she's all grown up now. still can't believe we're not getting any younger - hey, i'm still young, but just becoming young at heart! *wink* my sis brought all the kids to bowling that night, they slept over her place and went to see fantastic 4 at matinee on sat. went bowling afterwards, then to carnival & to chuck e cheese per the little ones' request... so obviously the kids had loads of fun those 2 days.

on my side of the world, i was able to straighten our office, last sat. was able to shred some of my old old documents (btw, still not done). had a great time playing with yanna, relaxing with my sis while watching filipino shows (tfc). later that evening, noel, my sis, yanna and i went to target for some grocery shopping. to our surprise, they're selling first-aid kits and flip-flops in their dollar section. we went ahead and bought as much as we can for project hope. while putting them all in the cart, i was praying that someone, somewhere, a kind heart will think of donating these items to project hope. *hint, hint* all targets have them hehehehe

anyway, we had a late supper. we tried the new thai restaurant (thai town) by my house and i must say "delicioso!" (dora way - hehehe) my sis and i cleaned our plates i tell yah. the price is just about the same as other thai restaurants... i highly recommend it!

sunday: it was my goddaughter's dedication. "kalea star santos" - she was definitely a pro! goodness! that little munchkin can easily be kidnapped! she lets other people carry her. she did not care. when the pastor held her up, she was just looking around and enjoying her view. just like her mom and dad, she enjoyed the local paparazzi around her hehehehe. her attention was always drawn to noel's beard... she just couldn't stop looking at him. so cute! i'll ask char for some pics so i can show you all how cute cheesy kai looked yesterday.

well, didn't get to chat with my girlfriends as much as i anticipated... so i guess i really need to set up another date for all of us sometime soon. had a good nap yesterday though. noel said "you needed that!" aw! so sweet. yah, he knows i've been staying up late for project hope and i guess those late nights are starting to get to me. need more of those naps though =)

ok, that's it for now... hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
may your week be blessed!

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