Tuesday, June 5

We do not remembers days, we remember moments

A time to celebrate the beauty, the gift and the blessing of enduring love.

Yesterday we celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary and it was also our 8 yrs being together. How time flies?? Actually, this year was my turn to plan. We try to take turns every year. We didn't really do something big this year but it was very special of what we did yesterday. Right after work , I went groceries and I called Destiny and told her that I will be cooking menudo ( William's favorite dish). Well, for the filipinos ( that's not easy to cook).. Too many ingredients. So, when I got home I told him that I have my gift for him. But he asked me if he can help me.. I said No, but he said that he wants to be part of it..So he can take the credit..lolzz.....So then, he started cutting and peeling the veggies and I started cooking and putting the ingredients to the pot... We were thinking if we should call his mom and my mom to ask for help but we both said " No, let's do William and Charisma's style"... So, we were both reading the filipino recipe.. And waited for almost an hour just to make sure that the pork is tender... I was doing the tasting and William will do the 2nd tasting just to make sure also......lolzzz.. My mom kept calling and since she knows that it was our anniversary..I told her that " Mom, if i give you some-- that means-- its good"..if not, then don't ask anymore..lolz.. Well, guess what???? It was deliciosoooo... So my honey and Des went to drop off some menudo to my mother dear and she said that it was good except it needed more salt or fish sauce... But it was good!!!! Yipppeee......They both came back and my hunny took a shower before dinner so we can have our dessert after.. lolz.... Oh before I forget... The night before our anniversay- he gave me his gift, a simple letter and we both said our prayers for each other before we had our dinner...He always does! I think for the past eight years now.. He never once forget to give me short or long letter... hmmm, wish i can share it with you of what he wrote but it was very sweet and touching.. Then around 7:30PM.....Tin's been bugging me if she can come over and it's hard for the past months ( since she broke up with her ex)..She's been going to my house and just hang out.. Which i don't mind because Tin's fun to be with...She does nothing but laugh at you....ha ha ha ha....So she stayed till 11:30PM...

Anyways, sorry haven't been blogging..Been kinda busy -- Fun busy--i may say =) -- actually- been visiting some old friends and organizing some events. Lords willing - it'll be done before we leave for the cruise.

Here are some pictures from yesterday --- before and after menudo... Also, pics from my sis' graduation... So proud of her..=)

Thank you Lord for all the blessings. But most of all Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls that balances me everday of our life.

Vavooski -- Don't forget them beautiful smilez going... =)

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Lovely said...

oops! so sorry char. it totally slipped my mind. i see you guys had a wonderful anni. congrats and may the Lord continue to shower you both with abundant blessings!

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