Monday, June 4

Congrats Grads!

So proud of my nephew, kev & niece, nix. they both graduated today... well, it's past midnight already so i should say... yesterday.

didn't get to go to my niece', but i'm sure she had a fabulous time! she's on to her college years! anyway, we made it to my nephew's graduation though and i must say, i'm so proud of how thoughtful and generous he was to his many girl friends. he bought 10 of them 3 red roses... hmm! what a playah! j/k =) nah! he's just a sweetheart to everyone. took lots of pics and video of his graduation and i sure did kinda missed the old times (w/ my friends) when i saw him and his group of friends gathered for more picture taking. btw, he's going to high school now. my oh my! time flies by so fast i can't believe my sis has 2 high schoolers. next thing you know it's my turn, yikes!
well, i sure am proud of all of them. congrats again kev and nix! i love u both so much!!!

how did my weekend go? well, besides the graduation, last sat we had our bible study and discussed the last chapter of james. i thank God for His continued guidance and nurturing of our soul... we again received another wonderful revelation from God and i pray that He will help us live our lives according to what is pleasing to Him. that we may put everything we learned into practice. and that His light will shine upon us and through us.

i'm glad to share to you that we received our 1st monetary donation from my sister's employer, pivot-point international. we are eternally grateful for your help and rest assure that it will be put to a great use and will be very much appreciated by the people in need.

well, i need to sign off now... i'm pretty beat and i'm planning to work early tomorrow. so you guys have some good night sleep or should i say "have a great monday!"

God bless you all!

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