Sunday, June 10

productive weekend

before i go any further with my weekend of productivity, i would like to say sorry to my good friend tal and family for not making it to cecilia's dedication. i planned an errand to fulfill this weekend forgetting about the occasion and when I got started doing it yesterday, i couldn't stop it anymore. hope the dedication and the celebration went well! God bless you, Cecilia!
ok, noel and i have been thinking of getting our landscape done, but since the renovation of our basement and other updates inside the house are costing us a lot already, we decided to just do the gardening ourselves. i was so excited the whole week and i was definitely having a green thumb spirit.

friday, noel and i met up at menards to buy plants and soil, but they ran out of the phlox i wanted. thank heaven, meijer had them all!

saturday, i felt the urge of waking up early and do some walking. it seemed like my little yanna knew mommy was taking a walk... she woke up at the same time i did and that rarely happens. my 2 sisters, c, and my 2 nephews joined us on a 3 mile walk - we ended up having breakfast at mc d. right when we got home, i started gearing up for gardening. my older sis and i teamed up, after finishing the first side, we had a late lunch, did 3hrs of grocery shopping, bought veggies to plant on the side of our house (tomatoes, green peppers & egg plant) and here are the results!


and you know what i appreciated most while i was enjoying my outdoor moment? the Lord brought my neighbors to my yard and we simply exchanged a short life update. God is really good for even if i was busy decorating my garden, He brought people who have the same desire as we do - that's to please the Lord and extend help to others. maribel and steve (uh-oh! i sure hope that's his name- yikes!) certainly helped lift up my spirit yesterday. they're also excited to help Project HOPE, they prayed for me, our team and everything that's involved with Project HOPE. the Lord is so faithful that in every moment He delivers His promises. that's why from the day we started planning this project - i knew that the Lord will bring His resources together to make this project happen. thank you Lord for your goodness!
my 2 other sis, my niece, sarah and my daughter, c, all worked together to produce almost 300 solicitation letters to go out for Project HOPE. great job team!

well, i guess that's it for now. hope you all had a relaxing or productive weekend like i did. time to sign off now... after days of gardening... um, i'm totally sore. ouch! nitey nite!

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