Sunday, July 1

Busy Bee but fun.. All worth it!

Hi! it's almost midnight here.. Good Am! .. Thought of blogging since I haven't blog since I became US citizen-- I got so excited. Lolz.. j/k... Anyways-- I'll just summarize it... -- If i still remember what I've been doing for the past weeks.. Well --my best friend Lovely already blogged about my daugther's dedication--so less typing for me..j/k -- Thanks Lovable.. . The dedication of my lil one was really nice. Thanks everyone!.. Well-- as you already know that Summer is here. And that means -- picnic every weekend.. lolz.. Once again, we thank god for blessing us with another office in Midwest area. We just open one in Lincolnwood area.

June 22 - My relatives from New York came for Kalea's dedication. We all went out and did our small reunion. It was fun.. We were up till 5AM...whewww! that's been awhile since we stayed up till 5.. we actually did that 3 straight days..ha ha ha.. we drank lots of coffee. I tell yah! .. It was tiring but all worth it. We miss them already! Then yesterday--- we celebrated my 31st birthday and WFG Family Picnic.. Oh goodness! there was a lot of food and sports everywhere-- name it and they all played it.. lolz..We didn't finish till 9PM. There was still a lot of people that came and still bbq'.. I thank God for my friends who was able to celebrate my birthday with me yesterday.. I know some of them couldn't make it coz of prior engagement. And that's okay.. Our group of friends are just getting so big..he he he... We love it though! coz we have picnic/bdays/ for our little kids every week..lolzz...Today, right after church we went to Oak brook Mall -- had to return the purse that my sister got me.. I love it though - it's just i already have something like that-- so i had to exchange it-- as always - i had to get something for my Destiny..he he he. Then we just walked around for an hour and had to go Drury lane for my honey's cousin baby Christening...Hmm.. food was great.... hmmm --what else... Well -- our realtor finally came and we got the paper works out of the way. Now, she just advise us to start cleaning up and boxing our stuff so when she put our house on the market.. Then it's all ready.. But since we've been so busy with other stuff.. We keep putting it on hold.. So, hopefully this week so when we go on our vacation next week.. Then it's all ready.. Lords willing-- we'll be able to move by August of Sept.

Well--I'm gotta go to sleep now.. My honey over here can't sleep if I'm not next to him... ha ha ha... So, nitey everyone... Will post some pix later..okie dokie

Oh before I forget ---- Congrats to Max! -- 3rd place for stroller racing contest and Kai got the last place... ( 'Coz Mama Star wanted to push her) ha ha ha.....There were at least 15 contestants.. he he he

Love u guyz! God Bless

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