Thursday, July 19

nerve wrecking

hi all! i've been meaning to blog last monday, but it has just been one of those days when i just didn't feel like turning on the computer. but anyway, i'm here at work and just wanted to blog really quick about our very 1st Project HOPE Garage Sale Event coming up this weekend.

Yes, the title is true... it's NERVE WRECKING. with the weather and the number of people to expect and the sale.... oh, Lord! we need YOU to intervene! i don't know what to expect. all these different thoughts and ideas are just killing me - i know i shouldn't be like this and should just let the Lord handle it. i know, i know Lord... it's all in your hands. there's nothing else i can really do, but just to TRUST.

well friends, we sure need your prayers on this. here's the info:

last night i finally made the signs we will be needing. hope it'll attract people to come hehehe

i think i just need to relax and just let it all come the way the Lord planned it.

k, gotta go and get some chill pill hehehe - nah! i gotta work! that's what i should be doing anyway... yikes!

have a blessed day my loves!

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