Monday, May 26

memorial weekEND

happy memorial day! i wasn't really planning on doing any pc work, but i totally forgot about the report i needed to submit to my boss last friday. whoops!

yesterday was an absolute fun day for me and my fam. for the first time after a long time, we held a picnic for 2 of my in-laws' bdays. we've been checkin' out the weather everyday and it's been showing that there will be thunderstorms starting at 3p. on our way there yesterday it was drizzling a lil' bit, my daughter and i were talking to God to change the weather. when we got there the wind was really strong and so my sis started hanging table cloths to at least prevent the wind from blowing all of our stuff. when everyone got there and b4 we started eating we said our grace. lo and behold, God was faithful to grant our prayer request of a change of weather. just a good minute after our prayer, the sun started shining! believe you me, even our guests were stunned! hahaha God is hilarious and too awesome i tell yah!

all in all, we all had an awesome time. so much food, activities and surprises we were all beat right after. yanna was having a blast playing in the playground, blowing her bubbles & later in the day, spent so much time in the sand building her own unique castle.

today, we have another fun filled agenda. noel's leaving to detroit for 3 wks (biz related) and so we just wanna make the most out of this day before he leaves. 1st time away from dad that the kids didn't even want to go to the picnic we were supposed to go today. they all just want to do a family thing so we're off to another exciting day.

here's a video footage of my lil' one singing her heart out with the song, "bleeding love" by liona lewis.

and here's another video when she asked to spell the name of the mag i was reading. (upside down i may add)

i know i promised to upload some pics... again, i will try to do this week. sorry =(

hope you all enjoy your memorial day! God bless!


Donette Bower said...

Please help me get a prayer chain going for my mother, Geraldine Neer. Her home insurance company is threatening to drop her coverage on her house if she doesn't put a new roof on the house and get some work done on her siding. She is on a fixed income and cannot afford to have any improvements done to her home so I am afraid she may lose her home. I am not asking for financial help. I leave that up to God. I know he will provide for her. My sisters and I are not in a position financially to help her out of this situation. I am not asking for financial help. I leave that up to God. I know with God all things are possible. Please just get the prayer chains going. God bless you for whatever prayers you can generate. I know God answers prayer and we really need this one answered. Thank you and

God bless you!
Donette Bower

Lovely said...

Hi Donette,

I will definitely forward this to my prayer partners. Let's put this all in God's hands. May His will be done.

God bless!

Donnette said...

Thank you so much for praying for my Mother, Geraldine Neer's situation. I know God will handle it for her. We are doing what we can here and putting the rest in God's hands.


Charisma said...

Hi Donnette,

I am also one of the readers in here. Our prayers are with you and your Mom.

God Bless!

Charisma said...


Yanna is soo cute and smart ( just like her beautiful Godmother) lolz.. Go Yanna! Im gonna show this to your godsister Kai.. =)

Lovely said...

thanks! oh gosh! she makes us so proud - even her md said she's above 4yrs old level already hehehe

our bebes are growin up so fast =(
nway, i'm still a proud mom =)

Donnette said...

I spoke with my mother and she is getting estimates. She had a gentleman who gives senior citizens a 35 percent discount stop by her home today. He has supplies in his warehouse on hand and he also can help her with refinancing and finding a new insurance company. He sounds very promising. She has another roofer coming on Thursday to give her an estimate. I told her to be sure to try and get a low interest rate if she refinances and to ask them for references before she makes a final decision. Please keep her in your prayers. She asked me to thank everyone and tell them that she feels better about her situation all ready. God bless you.

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