Sunday, July 22

humbled by God's provision

tired, leg cramps, 5hrs of sleep for the past 2 nights... well, you know what? it's all worth it!

our first Project HOPE Garage Sale Event turned out great! on our first day, we were just starting to set up and haven't even put up our signs yet, people were already coming. am i complaining? of course not! but i haven't even gathered everyone to pray yet, but the Lord surely didn't waste any time... we made about $230 on our first day - sounds good to me! i didn't really play with numbers in my mind... i was just too excited with the whole idea and was just pricing up everything as cheap as possible, plus, i was determined to get them all out of my garage fast hehehe

although our 2nd day didn't do very well... there are plenty of great things we are all grateful of. like meeting people of every walks of life, receiving some needed items and monetary support for PH. friends came by for support and we even met some vacationists from san antonio, tx who warmly wished us well and were just very encouraging to talk to. also, we were told that not many go on garage sales during sundays - so i guess they were right hehehe

anyway, regardless we made enough or not... at the end of the day we give all the glory to the Lord for His goodness and this wonderful opportunity He brought in our lives. we are His servants and there was nothing we can ever complain with the experience bcoz it was definitely an indescribable feeling of joy in our hearts. hey, we made a total of $510.75 - so why complain?


plus, we finally sold my mom's car! woohoo!

but i must certainly commend the PH team for giving their 110% effort to make this possible. i know we couldn't have done this without every one's love for the Lord, hard work, ideas and simply their compassion for the poor. i'm so blessed to be a part of this team... there's nothing like it! and with just the idea of being able to reach out to the less fortunate is an great honor for all of us. so many would've been chosen for this project, but we're so humbled He chose us!

as promised, we will be adding a link sometime soon of the people who made donations as part of our online donation update. but for now, i would like to say thank you all for your support and prayers... we appreciate each one of you. we may not know who you are, but i know God does and that's what's important.

please visit our ph site for more updates and photos of our garage sale.

continue to be blessed! God is good ALL THE TIME!

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