Monday, July 9

home make-over

last sat was the day we gave my dad a home make-over as our father's day gift for him. i may say that our team (my siblings, my niece, my nephew, and i) did a great job! we all gave our 110%. started at 7:30am and as scheduled, we were done by 6pm. we were happy to see the smile on my dad's face. he was certainly pleased in every corner of his apt. it felt good giving him his own space for everything. although he enjoys sleeping in his sofa bed, we gave him his own private sanctuary. now he can enjoy every room in his apt... even his bathroom! i could say it was the best gift we ever gave him.

going to his place was tough, we saw a lot of his memories with his new family. it was one of the most painful experience i have ever encountered, but we were determined to focus on what we were there for, to serve him and to give him a place to just relax and have a good night sleep after a hard day's work. my mom's face kept popping up my mind and i know she's proud of us for doing this for my dad. and i also know that my siblings felt the same way i was feeling. it was one of the hardest things in life to face... sometimes you think you've accepted the reality and that you're ready to face what's ahead, but i can admit that i wasn't. although my siblings warned me of what to expect, i thought it wouldn't face me... but eventually it did. we all held it in and just made sure to focus on our goal. but right when i got home and was able to settle down... everything just started coming back to me. i couldn't hold myself together anymore. my sister called just to ask something, but kinda sensed the difference in my voice and asked if i was ok. i'm the type when someone ask that question, i cry more. we ended up talking and just sobbed. until today i can't get it off my mind. i couldn't focus on my work, i kept crying while i was working and i just felt i had to share it in today's daily bread.

i know someday, somehow, my siblings and i will have to face this pain... however, i'm comforted to know that my Great Comforter, my Savior, Jesus Christ has promised that He will be with us at all times. my God has been good to us in our yesterdays, today and our tomorrows. He allows these things to strengthen us more and so i hold no grudge... the Lord has delivered my mom from more pain, tears and suffering... with that i'm grateful. i'd rather take this in than to see my mom hurt again.

anyway, in spite of it all... i'm glad it's over. i hope my dad's enjoying his newly organized home.

as for you my friends, try to read the daily bread today and i pray that it will uplift you in any way. remember that the Lord understands our situation and He only desires what is good for us. He is never out of love for us... He's a great friend... ready to listen, ready to comfort us... He's the only one we can always count on... 24/7.

i know all wounds will heal in God's time and so let's give it all in God's hands.
continue to be blessed!

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