Wednesday, July 4

quick, but somewhat long blog =)

sorry, i haven't been keeping up with my blogging. been tired and have lots in my mind i need to accomplish. plus, our home needs major organization... my dr & lr looks like we're moving. my hubby brought all the stuff from the basement that will be included in our up coming ph garage sale on july 21st & 22nd. we couldn't really leave it in the basement anymore since they're in the process of painting it. we can't put it in the garage coz they will also work on finishing the garage soon. ugh! can't wait till this is over and the house is fully sparkling clean.

i have so many things to share to you, but not enough time to blog since my little one's calling me already.

so here are some photos to summarize it:

1) went to the wfg '07 picnic/char's 31st bday
2) yanna mimicking me while i was exercising
3) yanna loves puzzles! she's a quick learner...she knows the alphabets, names of some animals, numbers (so far 1-14) & recently the us map. she'll tell you where to put 'em. if you look at the pic of the map that's what she did early this morning (white part are the missing pieces - it's gotta be in one of her bins).
4) the book i had camille read, "so you want to be a teenager" - i bought the entire bundle from ( i highly recommend it to all the parents with children in their adolescent yrs. it'll help your children handle peer pressure and hopefully make the right godly choices. although i have yet to experience any drastic things with any of my children, i wanted to start it right and help them grow knowing God's way and to make them aware that God is with them through this journey. i may say that i was so amazed to read camille's answers to the questionnaires. it gave way for us to talk about things most teenagers would hesitate to talk to their parents about. she was so open to talk about everything in the book and i saw the sincerity of her words. i'm so grateful to God that He gave us this opportunity and i trust that He has my kids' future in His holy hands.
5) camille went to virginia with her cousins (staying there for a month) - i couldn't sleep last sunday coz i wanted to make sure she has everything she needs. i kept sending her a text and calling her trying to find out if she's ok - she finally said "mom, don't worry i'll be fine." oops! she caught me - hehehe

well, it's 4th of july! we had an interesting adventure last night. we drove all the way to chicago to see the fireworks, but unfortunately it started pouring. ugh! we ended up picnicking inside the van and just headed back home. what a night!

but today, Lord willing we'll see some good fireworks. we're off to my brother's house - yup! time to get bloated again!

and to you all... "happy independence day!" hope you'll have a wonderful time with your loved ones and a safe celebration too!


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