Thursday, September 18


yesterday, i couldn't stand the files and supplies that were exposed and in our office, so i thought i'd check out what my area has to offer as far as cabinets or shelves, through craigslist.

well, lemme tell yah... i spent about an hour searching for the right one and i'm glad i did. my husband and i found 2 bookcases that retails for $130 ea and we got for $120 for 2. One is brand new and the other one, although it has been used, looked just the same and has a 2 doors in the bottom. Plus, we've been putting off buying a snow blower. they're just so expensive that's why, but again i'm glad i looked at craigslist. there was one selling for $400. was just a yr old and it was def well maintained. we checked it out and of course you use your judgement by how clean and organized their house is since that's pretty much how you could tell if they're really taking care of their belongings. well sure enough, they live at a new subdivision (location not on my GPS yet) 15 mins. from where we live. they have a huge, clean and organized house... whew! the snow thrower? well, it was sitting in the garage, shinning! my husband examined it meticulously and we were both very pleased. and the good news is, we didn't even have to bargain, the owner just offered to bring it down to $350. yay! retail price for the one we got? $679 (the cheapest)... now that's a deal!

the best part was meeting the owner and his daughters... they seemed to be such a loving family =)

thank God for craigslist!

so today, i have some organization to do and studying later tonight. i have another exam (longer and harder than the last 2) this sat.

hope you all have an awesomely blessed day!

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