Sunday, September 7

checkin' in ---

i don't think i'll be sleeping anytime soon... my husband and i just felt the urge to try dunkin' donuts' iced latte and i ended up finishing the entire large cup. so not only am i bloated from the party we went to earlier, i'm also kinda gassy, ewe i know, but oh well! hehehe

we planned to take out my mom-in-law after church & after the party, today, but unfortunately she suffered from insomnia again last night. she ended up staying home to get some rest. we then just spent a few hours at my girlfriend's house to celebrate her daughter's bday & christening. so glad we went tho... i had a chance to talk to a friend i haven't seen in a while. anyway, happy birth again, elyssa! thanks for the invite!

ok, so besides gardening, i've been studying all week for my exam (1 down 4 more to go!) last sat. i feel really good about it, but won't find out the results till after a month since essay was a big part of it. i just really hope that i pass all 5 and won't have to retake any of them. God's been really good to me - i have nothing but gratitude =)

i've been anticipating for the new series we just started today at church, it's called, "influence". see all of us are of influence to someone whether we know it or not. no matter what our status is in life, no one is a nobody. people we encounter everyday, are impacted by our daily decisions, actions, and example. however, if we're for God, are we walking the paths God asks us to walk on so that we can be the light stand to others? are you one who's just content to have the ticket to heaven or do you have the heart to reconcile others with God as well? or are you one who's for God on sundays then for the world for the rest of the week? one who should be grateful to know God, but yet instead of influencing others for the sake of Christ, you're the one who was influenced to do things that are apart from God? friends, there's always hope! i encourage you to take part of this 8-part series on influence. watch as our pastor, bill hybels, challenge us to make the most of the opportunities we have to make a difference for eternity.

click this site to watch today's message:

i pray that as you give your time and effort to listen to this series, the Holy Spirit will touch your heart to come alongside us and make a difference for Christ sake. remember, no good works will win you a ticket to heaven, but only through the saving grace of Christ Jesus. of course as we put Christ first in our hearts, good works will follow through the help of the Holy Spirit.

may the good Lord guide our ways as we live the days we have left here on earth.
have a blessed week!

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