Sunday, September 21

Our God Reigns

i felt so renewed at church today as darlene zschech lead us to praise and worship. it was a concert filled with awe of our great God. ever since our pastor, bill hybels took over every service due to some major changes in the staff... the big vision that the Lord inscribe in his heart that our church will be filled with people praising the name of God and that we will be a singing church, i've felt nothing, but gratefulness towards his gift of ministry. the Lord never fails to use him to get the message of the Gospel to all people.

today, however was definitely one of the many special days at willow. darlene zschech, one of the most influential Christian singers of all time (some of her most popular songs are: shout to the Lord, through it all, & all things are possible), used her gift to lead us into prayer, worship & praise to our Holy God.

it was too surreal!

please allow me to share to you 2 of the songs that brought me to tears as i embraced the truth of how joyful and peaceful it is to live for Christ, to trust and give my life to His hands. and to be reminded that at the end of the day, God is enough and He is always good.

friends, each one of us face different trials and we all handle it differently. no matter how we deal with it, somehow, someway, we yearn for HELP. God knows our cry for help. He knows every detail whether we choose to tell Him or not. however, God gave us the gift of "free will" and therefore, it is still our choice to respond to His ever-present help. i know sometimes it takes for us to go through difficulties to take the route to God, but friends, i encourage you... this is the day! don't waste another minute apart from God, but receive His agape love. His love that is not only filled with amazing wonders, but eternal security. no, living for God doesn't exclude you from trials, but it brings joy in the midst of suffering and peace that passes all human understanding. i pray that you will take time to resolve this matter to our Creator and allow Him to reveal Himself to you. because friend, you matter to our awesome God!

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claire said...

very touching... thanks for sharing :)

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