Thursday, September 11


thank God we're all ok. woke up early this morning to bring my sis to her dentist in chicago. while she was busy getting her teeth cleaned, my daughter and i drove to the nearest filipino store. haven't been at that place for years now. my daughter even had a blast shopping for junk food hehehe

before heading back, we stopped by my brother's oberweis, got my latte and ice cream for my sis and my daughter. on our way to pick up my son (5mins. away from school) someone accidentally hit the back of our van. there were 3 vehicles involved and thankfully no one was hurt. the lady who caused it wasn't paying attention, but i could tell she was scared, shaky and just in shocked. i felt so bad for her though, i had to calm her down. i had to make her feel that everything will be ok, cars are fixable and we should still be thankful that no one got hurt. thank God the owner of the other vehicle was gentle and very much understanding, he even agreed to what i said and added, "that's why God made auto shop" hehehe. i mean of course there are different types of accidents, i'm just not fond of people who go off... i think it's best to calm down and make sure that everyone assists and be remorseful of each other regardless whose fault it is. nothing will get resolved by hostility... in fact it'll just make matters worst.

so today, i feel blessed and relief... at least no one got hurt and we all got home safely.

my to do list for the rest of the day, it's simple? study and study hard... i have finals this weekend. Lord, i need your help again please! =)

stay safe everyone! find refuge in God!

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