Wednesday, September 17

got chills...

as my husband and i listened to charice pempengco's duet with celine dion. a 16 yr. old girl from the philippines who struggled as a child seeing her mom abused by her father. she joined every singing contest she could possibly find just to have food on the table. both at one point were dreaming to be able to eat pizza and charice once again managed to win another contest just for this reason.

this girl has been blessed from beginning to end. her life might've started rough, but in God's time, He delivered them from it. i pray that this girl as well as her mom continue to praise the Lord for their success. that this fame will not lead them to step away from God's path. it would be such a loss if they do. i give the Lord all the glory for this mother and daughter. God is so amazing!

here's a clip of the duet with celine dion. worth watching...

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