Thursday, May 31

Enthused over Project HOPE!

praise the Lord for a great response! i know we're just starting, but the amount of enthusiastic people who responded to help was more than we had ever imagined. and to think we haven't even reached 1/4 of our distribution list. God is good! and i can say that over and over again.

by God's grace, here are some of the highlights we've received yesterday:

1) a family from mundelein or gurnee, il (if i'm not mistaken) has responded to our letter and will gather donations in their area. they have also proposed to donate beanie babies and school supplies as an addition to the items needed for the HOPE bags. and there's more! they have volunteered to send the collections directly to our designated headquarters in the philippines!

2) just yesterday, we have distributed 5 donation boxes and have received 6 more requests of donation boxes to be placed in their local businesses.

this is all because of your boundless prayers, compassion to poor and generosity that we are able to extend more help to the needy. we are just getting started and the need will never be over, so please keep the enthusiasm going and your donations rolling!

let's set aside our differences and bring hope to these people! whether you see them in person or not, please know that YOUR HELP can make a great impact in their lives!

i know there are many who desire to help, but are waiting for the last minute to do so. please, i encourage you... do so while you can. don't wait for next year to come... now is the time, act now!

~ off the subject here ~

just wanted to share to you the wonderful experience we had yesterday. seeing our daughter, camille, receive 3 honorary awards at their 6th grade recognition program that was held yesterday, was absolutely more than i had hoped for. we were never told who would be awarded that's why the surprise was perfectly planned and just wonderful! it felt awesome!

camille had the best cheer from her bestest sister, yanna. yanna gave her cutest and loud cheer for her big sister! she was waving, clapping and cheering her on like a star - hahaha. people around us weren't even paying attention to the program anymore, but instead were so amused by yanna's charming smile, loud cheers and giggles.

i just thank God for such wonderful kids. they may sometimes be too much to handle, but i'm grateful for all that they can be. they are all gifts from above!

have a blessed night! and again thanks for all your continued support!

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