Wednesday, February 6

another success!

since most of the people at my house are sick, i decided to cook again. hehehe

thankfully, we were told in advanced to work from home if it's bad outside... so really, this worked out really good.

chicago weather... either you love it or you hate it! here's a shot of my back yard.

my husband said that the travel is really bad out. he went for his drug/physical testing for at&t... yep! the Lord finally gave him a new job! so tough just having one income coming in. all is well with the benefits and all so that's another answer to our prayers since by august i might not have a replacement job right away. yikes! but my hope is in the Lord and so i claim it in Jesus' name that He will give me a new job where i will prosper financially, spiritually, emotionally, socially & mentally. meet new friends and help new clients. u never know!

k, here's a pic of the new dish i made it's called, "stir fried shrimp & veggie with terriyaki & oyster sauce"... another successful dish to share. i'm like a cooking machine!!! i'm lovin' it!

stay warm!


Charisma said...

Wow! Man --- MIRACLE! j/k ..Awesoome-- so proud and happy for you....lolzzz... Can't wait to taste one of ur dish... Anyways, so cute -- i also took a pic of the snow last night but not sure if i will blog or many things to blog. =) ... William, the kids and i were just enjoying how beautiful the snow was last night..And since i am muy crazy. I went outside ( by myself) and run over the snow with my truck. No worry! i just bumped it..lolz. I had so much fun....... And of course -- i made some dinner too... But a quick one -- just for William's lunch to work..... k -- gotta call some hotels now and book the flight.. Been doing this the whole day...

Lovely said...

can't wait for you all to taste it! thank God the laying of hands in Jesus' name worked! lolz

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