Tuesday, February 12

b4 workout

thought of bloggin' before i work out. yesterday, my siblings and i finally had a chance to visit my mom's friend that i was telling you about. tears just started running down my face right when i saw her coz she looked so fragile. she had her feeding tube on, her arms were restrained coz from time to time she would try to pull her tubes and get out of bed and she looked so alone (literally i would say). her family hardly visits her. my sisters and i felt so broken for her.

she was so delighted to see us there. although from time to time she would have memory lapses, she was so energetic to talk. it was hard to understand her words coz she was mumbling due to the effect of her stroke. but so far there are no other diagnosis beside the experience of alziehmer. alzeihmer... something i pray that i won't have to go through. i'd rather be with the Lord than experience a period of memory loss... the heartache of seeing a loved one forget about the wonderful memories we used to share is just heart breaking. so hard...

but i thank the Lord for her wonderful responses when i was talking to her about how God loves her so much and how she is loved by many. she asked for a hug a few times and i was able to take a video of her singing "Because He Lives" with me.

i couldn't get her off my mind. these type of experiences brings back memories of how we cared for my mom during her battle with lung cancer. every time i'm reminded of it, i thank the Lord for the opportunity He gave us to be with my mom during her struggle and how different and amazing it was to see one of His faithful followers shine even in the midst of such physical despair. it was an experience that i will treasure for a lifetime. i'm so proud of my family and the God given bond we have for each other.

well, over the weekend i did something different for my husband for valentine's day. i will have to spare the excitement for now till that day so bear with me... don't worry i'll take a picture of it. i sure hope he'll like it... it was worth the 13 hrs. i spent putting it together.

my son, ayren couldn't sleep the other day coz he was so excited for his book fair. he wanted to get next sequal of "diary of a whimpy kid". well, the book fair was today and guess what? he got the last one in the shelf. whew! that was nerve wrecking! nway, i was so happy for him that i just had to take a picture of him. (will post when i get a chance tomorrow)

right now, i need to watch american idol! besides the filipina, i also have an eye on someone, i just didn't catch her name (the best part - i have a feeling she's a Christ follower too!)

blog right back! still have to work out right after AI- too much to do at such little time!
have a good nite!

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