Thursday, February 14

happy LOVE day!

wow! what a day! so fun and exciting!

ok, the project HOPE fundraising my sis came up with is selling bouquet of roses for valentine's day. we arranged these beautiful roses with such joy in our faces and we just kept praising the Lord for an amazing opportunity. i have to confess that we did not expect it to do this good. thank you Lord for doing this with us and giving us the skills to even put them together.

please be advised that we will be doing this for mother's day as well. hope you can help us spread the word!

i did manage to take a few pictures. i was planning to take a picture of each delivery, but i left my camera at my sis' house. oh well! i'll have to post what i have, this weekend.

i do want to share to you how surprised and overjoyed every recipient we delivered the flowers to. all of them were a kodak moment. some cried and some were just flabbergasted. i wish all of my friends received one, but i didn't have their email addresses. i mean, i didn't want to let the girls know and kill the surprise you know what i mean? but oh well, next time i guess. =)

however, i love the trick i did with my girlfriend, marge though. i called her up while i was on my way to drop off her flowers (she had no idea at all). she kept talking on the phone until i rang the doorbell. she even told me that's someone's at the door... hehehe! she was sooo surprised to see her roses and of course seeing me deliver her flowers given by her husband? um, love what's going on? u lost your job or something? hehehe (probably the thought that was playing around her head) lolz

overall experience: driving? of course it's kinda tiring esp. if you're sitting in traffic. delivering the flowers? it was a feeling i would love to experience again - seeing different emotions (smile, tears, speechless, etc.) were all worth the drive. plus, this project not only brought these wonderful feelings to many, but it has given another way to bring hope to the less fortunate. that is what we're aiming for.

thanks to all and have a blessed night!

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