Wednesday, February 13

important updates

well first, i'd like to be one of the first to greet you all in advance a happy valentine's day! valentine's day for me is special... for it reminds me of how precious and infinite God's love is for us.

i decided to change the video in the W2R main page as well as include some new features and updates for project hope.

my sister, yvonne (project hope's account's administrator) have thought of another way of raising funds for valentine's day and we were all so excited to put it together. but i'd like to commend her dedication for she has done almost all the work in spite of her busy schedule. see she's also an independent tax consultant and of course if you pay taxes, you know that this is the busy season for them. so i'd like to personally thank her for going the extra mile to make this happen.

i can't really say much about this in advance even if i was tempted to coz it'll kill the surprise for many (chicagoans). so i'll have to update you with the results tomorrow night. but we are once again so grateful for the provision of the Lord coz we absolutely did not expect this plan excel the way it did. and of course thank you so much to the thoughtfulness and generosity of many who have trusted us and considered our offer. you have not only made your loved ones feel more special than they already are, but you have also offered such difference for the lives of the less fortunate.

project HOPE updates:
you can now donate online!!! we have decided to use paypal for this service and made arrangements to transfer your generous donations to project hope's personal bank account. no worries - it's safe and secure!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: please take time to get to know what Project HOPE is all about. however, for those who already know that this is a family ministry, i would like to inform you that our trip to the philippines will have to be postponed to a later date. i am one of the founders of this ministry, but unexpected circumstances have come my way and it will definitely impact our financial plans to support the traveling expenses as well as a big part of the project. however, our hopes are completely in the Lord so please be certain that this project will still be in effect regardless of my personal circumstances. our fund raising plans and support to other ministries will continue.

for those who have generously donated, please know that your donations are secured and will strictly be used for the benefit of the less fortunate and not for any other purposes. my circumstance only affects my family's living expenses, travel plans and other support we have planned for project HOPE and so please do not be alarmed by any negativity in regards to your donations. we know that the Lord has greater plans and He will provide for our needs.

our focus remains the same... we do this for God's people and we remain His servants.

please feel free to contact me for any concerns you may have at (630) 802-7648.

our mission is solely to spread the love of God to the forgotten through the giving of hope bags and the offering of friendship. we are confident that the Lord will make this happen in His appointed time.

we simply ask for your continued prayers and support for this matter. in Jesus' name, we can do this together.

thank you for your time, thoughtfulness, support and bountiful prayers!

lovely miranda

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