Monday, February 18

*date nite*

ahh! finally... a date nite alone with my hubby. it's been awhile. it's pretty hard to find time away from the little ones since they do take up most of our time. not that i'm complaining... it's just that i do believe part of having a healthy marriage is having date nites with your spouse... don't u agree?

well, last friday was that time for me and my husband. we were both looking forward to it. thanks to my loving sis, she took my kids out too!

nway, my husband and i had an intimate dinner at
hachi's kitchen... love the food! i highly recommend it! 1st time we tried volcano maki and it was delish! of course we had to get our fave, dragon and wine. i do recommend though to have enough time to find parking since they don't offer vallet. we were in a hurry, but still had enough time to enjoy our food and each other. nway, we were too stuffed to walk, plus it was frrrreezing outside... but we laughed it off. =)

we head straight to see blue man group! i've been wanting to see it... but too bad i expected more! i mean it's nice to see their performance esp. the music, but i wouldn't pay that much money to watch it again. some parts dragged.

but for what it's worth... we made the most out of our night. we even agreed to do it 1s a month! we're going for texas de brazil next time since i have a gift cert there! thanks to my sweet brother!

thank God everything went well... tho all were memorable, there is one thing my husband said that completed the night and will always remember... he said, "i love my life now and i wouldn't trade it for the world!" aw!

as promised... here's what i made for him... (i just picked a few pages) - he loved it! he kept saying... this is so cool! lolz
~ do you see the envelope looking card? that's a plain white bookmark... i just folded it, decorated it a lil' and wrote my message to him inside!

next project: haven't decided yet =)

thank you Lord for the wonderful night you gave me and my husband!!! till next time!

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Charisma said...

awww!how awesome is that... man --- that's sweet...I love it =).... i love ur style from cancun...he he he... U need to do that again..lolz

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