Friday, August 29

errands after errands

yesterday while the kids were at school, my sis, my lil' one & i went to aldi to buy some canned foods to send to her fam in the philippines. i thought i won't have to spend money on curtains for the master's br, well i guess i spoke too soon... i didn't like the one i had so i ended up buying @ tj maxx. it was a couple of inches short so i'll have to fix the bottom to touch the floor... easy fix! i also bought some new table linens to dress up my kitchen & dinning tables for when we come up with the date to have "the couples get together dinner". still undecided with the date coz of my husband's work schedule, but hopefully soon (um, at least before winter - geeze!).

did a few scrapbook layouts last night and read the new book i have called, "10 things you should know about God & Life". i wish to finish this one as a start... i'm all over the place with my books. i have tons i haven't finished, but would come back to them every now and then. so hopefully while i have my adrenaline going, i'll finish at least 3 this year (gotta start small).

today was yet another driving around, running errands day. went to sam's club to get some more stuff for phils and some for the house. went to the new value city furniture just to browse around and i'm glad we did. i found a dark wood cushioned bench with wicker baskets in the bottom for storage only for $40 (pic has no cushion, but mine came w/ it)... org cost? between $190-$429... so what was wrong with it? a lil' crack in the back - fixable and def unnoticeable! my sis also got a replacement for her entertainment center for $39, org. $220. way to go clearance shoppers!!!

after pickin' up my son from school, i went to menards to buy some mums - got a great deal also - $2.98! just super! gardening time tomorrow!
well, i'm about to pamper myself now after 2 days of driving back and forth, rearranging furniture and accents.
hope your day was relaxing or rather productive like mine =) thank you Lord!
have a blessed night!

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