Tuesday, October 30

Our first time long driving trip with Kai

Nice to be back! Came back this morning at 3AM..And I came to work around 2PM..I feel like we go out of town every two months. Lol. Which I am very thankful for and can’t complain. Really, this trip didn’t really go the way I plan it…I guess I just have to wait for HIS plan. I mean my plan was to take my side of family to Canada since they haven’t been there plus my parents doesn’t really like long driving or to even go anywhere. I mean Will and I been there 4x and this is Destiny’s 2nd time. I guess the 2nd time my mom actually went out of state was when they went to New York for my cousin’s baby’s Christening. (And I really had a hard time convincing them to go) and the 1st was when we all went to our first WFG convention back in 2001 (Las Vegas) I really thank our Lord for bringing WFG to us and this really give us the opportunity to visit different city, state and country. C’mon we all know that it cost money whenever you go out of town. This past trip to Canada – really its just convention but since my hubby doesn’t like to go anywhere without us and I have been telling him to go since the convention is only for one day and if the 3 of us go . We all know that were gonna ended up spending more and he said that it's okay just as long as we're all together. And that's very sweet of him...I know that I should be thankful because not everyone-- especially if their hubby or wife are going out of town for business. Most of the time -- the company are not allowing them to take their families or they just don't like the idea of bringing the whole family for whatever reason. I know that one of my colleagues here - she complains everytime her husband can't come home right away from business meeting and sometimes it will take him a week to get back. I mean we always go together to all the events and I love going with him but ever since Kalea was born. I'll be honest -its not easy to take a baby to out of town all the time. But I'm glad that my honey is always happy and excited to bring us.. So, I said 'Ok, fine".. So then -- we ended doing our vacation and this time really were not on that situation to be spending a lot. But God always Good! Even if our plan was not to do anything big. We still had a great time… Sorry – my memory card was full. And that is one of the reason I didn’t take any pictures from the HARVEST Party at Willow Creek. So thanks Love! =)

Kalea's trip to Canada =)

-Said our prayer
-Daddy cooked some hotdogs and eggs for breakfast
-Left at 5AM to pick up the Van
-Then we started driving
-Love, thanks for the CD. Will and I were listening it together and it was so cute because we would look at each other, smile, and nod. Lolz. Didn’t get to finish it coz the kids woke up. So, we started playing the Stellar Band CD
-Kai’s awesome –since this is her first time long driving. She was sooo awesome. We would only stop to stretch for 10 minutes and time to drive again. The drive wasn’t too bad. It was only 8 hours… compare to the 17 hours we did last time…
-And this time – we decided to rent a van with no TV. Just to see how Kalea is going to be… And thank god!!! She’s a trooper! Didn’t give mommy, daddy or Ate des a hard time. Either she was sleeping or talking. ha ha ha. We also had a great time talking. We had our time with Des and the rest was just me and Will.. We never ran out of things to talk about.. Lolz.. Especially knowing how talkative we are.. ha ha ha
- Convention was sooo awesoome --- it was only for one day-- so many good things going on and we are very excited for our team

Kalea just chillin and relaxin

Bridge to Canada

WFG Limo service for all the Associates

Dinner at Sushi Palace

Dad posing with Canadian money lolz

Kai and Des-- just woke up

Monday morning -- we went to see http://www.unionvilleinfo.com/ .Very nice place -- so relaxing to walk around

Uh Oh! I am getting an error saying that "We're sorry, but you have exceeded your photo upload quota" Help anyone??? Love????

You can go to my website to check out the rest of the pictures.. Some-- I haven't download http://picasaweb.google.com/SantosFamily2007/CANADA

Anyways --i'll continue uploading more pictures later.. once it let me upload more pictures.. Again, thank you Lord for the safe and fun journey..Thanks for making it all happen for us...it was fun long driving again with my family and this time with Kai...he he he...Looking forward for our next trip and i think this time its just gonna be me and my hubby ( no bebe's allowed) ha ha ha and Lord willing --- it will be my family and my inlaws for our trip next year.

Ciao! Be Blessed


Lovely said...

i'm so jels kai did well with her 1st long driving trip =(

wish, yanna was the same way, but like i said... it would be long before we do it again. i'd rather take the plane *wink*

so glad you're back... it was pretty quiet when u were away - asuuus!

Charisma said...

asuuuuss! ano iyon--- aba--- i heard tht from someone before..hmmm-- let me use that...Asuuuusss! ha ha ha... Juday huh!

N-ewayz-- lets just pray that Kai wont change. ha ha ha..You know how they are...ha ha ha

Lovely said...

lolz! asuuus! was it from juday? i don't even know... it just came out of my thoughts hehehe

well, i guess we have a new expression - asuuuuus!

Charisma said...

Lolz! it's okay.. it only means one thing.. We watched to much of her & she's rubbing off on us.. asssuuss!

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