Monday, October 1

double celebration

i planned to blog yesterday, but i got lazy to even get near the comp so here i am taking a break already from working.

whoops! i had to log off earlier coz i had tons of work to do. so i'm here again.

nway, mama's 2yrs old in heaven now. her celebration along with my son, ayre's bday turn out great! my siblings n i were so pleased to see some of my mom's good friends. brings back great memories.

also thanks to my 2 lovely best friends, char n marge along with their family (whom of course are my extended fam 2) were there to make the night more complete. we had some great laughs...

can't believe it has been 2yrs of heavenly life with my mom and 10 yrs of earthly life for my son! plus, this friday will be my youngest daughter's 2nd bday. we're planning to celebrate it differently this time (specifically requested by ayre - don't worry i'll for sure blog about it) - we're celebrating both yanna's and ayre's - too excited for them!

k, i think i need to recharge my mind... i'm lacking things to say right now coz of the surprising revelation i got from someone close to me...hehehe let's see if she'll blog about it, otherwise - oh well! my mouth is purrrfectly sealed.

so since my mind is blocked from words... i'll just let the pics speak for themselves.

njoy d rest of ur nitey nite!

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