Monday, October 22

parties on a roll!

ahh! it feels good to finally blog. i've been bc running around all week finding stuff for the halloween party we put together for our friends (great way to see everyone since we hardly see each other).
well first, i celebrated my 31st bday last wed. i had a taste for seafood n since there's really no other place i know that my kids would dare to eat than red lobster (bsides we haven't gone there for years now)... they love shrimp anyway so why not take advantage of their endless shrimp special hehehe. well, after that late dinner we were all shrimped out hahahaha but i gotta hand it to my husband, he made our night perfect with his silly jokes and his talent in magic - i couldn't have asked for more. the entire clan weren't able to join us since it was school night. nwayz, again thanks to my loving and thoughtful husband, he gave me a remote starter for my bday - yep! he made up an excuse to be able to use my truck - not knowing he was getting it installed that day. thank God for husbands who look out for their wives' convenience esp. during winter. been using it since then... love it!

i guess the celebration wasn't over... my family along with my bf char coordinated a surprise bday party for me last friday. this was the 1st successful one hehehe ~ finally, no one slipped! ~
my hubby did a great job convincing me that we were going to watch a movie with the kids. man, i can't believe i actually fell for that! but all is well... i had a wonderful time! it's always good to be reminded of how much you're loved *wink*

note: click the thumbnails to see more pics!

sat: our 1st ever frendz halloween bash!!! i'm so blessed with such great friends of 16yrs. how do we do it? simple! we don't let anything get in the way... bsides love... understanding and support is the key! now we have the Lord to protect our friendship for life! now, what else can u ask for?
char and i were the hosts - and when you're the host, you gotta match with the theme! i was a school girl (but eventually was mistaken as britney spears - grrr!) and char was our sexy cop!

oh! and thank God for the glow sticks - the kids had their first disco party (inside their ate des' room)

anywayz, the highlight of the event came late that night - the Lord really does not waste any time. a friend was in need of encouragement and prayer. the Lord was glorified once again! and again, i'm so humbled and grateful to be used and be a part of His amazing plans (it was def unexpected)... esp. at a halloween party? c'mon! God is just sooooo good y'all! He sure is worthy of our praise and although coordinating a party is pretty tiring and puts a hole in your pocket... it was all worth it after having to experience the love of God to my friends. i'm sure char and her husband, will, can attest to that.

i have such great appreciation to the santos family for offering their home at the last minute! esp. with 18 kids (not yet complete i may add) but couldn't have done it without char's help! also, thanks to e for makin' it early... you're such a big help!

well, parties are starting to come up like waves... next thing you know Christmas is here! woohoo! i'm lovin' it! looking forward to each of them.

continue to be blessed!

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