Sunday, October 7

*wish* has been granted!

as promised to our lil' yanna & our boy with a big 10... we celebrated both their birthdays just the way they wanted.

with balloons, cake, gifts, hotel room, pool, bowling, luncheon... the entire family had an OH! SO AWESOME TIME! i couldn't have asked to be anywhere else. of course mom had to do all the arrangements... the pay-off? not one person had a dull moment.

here's a summary and again i'll let the pics speak for itself.
~ checked in last friday at hotel indigo (highly recommend this hotel - very inviting, colorful, relaxing, best for kids to enjoy instead of having a boring can't touch this or that hotel room - if u know what i mean *wink*) both kids and adults loooooooooved it!

~ ate some sumptuous food

~ said our grace to our Heavenly Father... thank you LORD!

~ swam till midnight! - we had the pool all for ourselves.

~ when the kids woke up, they went straight to the pool, while the adults hung out in their very comfy lobby, enjoying our bf and starbucks (ahh! the best part of waking up... who says it's just folgers? hehehe)

~ went to sagano jap rest in downtown barrington for our luncheon (yummy!)

~ went bowling (we all had a blast dancin' the chacha slide coz everyone in the bowling ally participated at one point)

~ the boys hit some balls at the batting cage

~ and of course... took the opportunity to go church (it's fuel time again! this is the 2nd year we're tackling our fuel handbooks and this time it's about the amazing life of moses - can't wait to share what i'll learn from it as we go through this series - stay tuned k!)

~ i was sooooo tired, but the boys still had the energy to watch the pacquiao fight.
for all it's worth... we thank God for a wonderful time He put together for yanna & ayre's birthday. thank you Lord for the plans you have for our children. may you guide their way and keep them safe in your loving arms. all praises and glory to you my Lord!

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