Wednesday, October 3

power of self-control

k, before i share my newly found hobby (hope it'll stay that way hehehe) - meditate: self-control love, self-control! (i need to read the daily bread i sent today and i mean i need to read it over and over again to master it in my life) whew! k, now back to what i was trying to say...

i'd like to share my thoughts to char and all the other married couples out there who struggle from the adjustments marriage can bring. i'd like to remind you though that i'm not an expert, but simply being a friend, sharing to you what noel and i have realized and learned from our own struggles. of course we still have our misunderstandings - but thankfully now we are aware to handle it God's way. i would also like to point out that it doesn't matter how long you've known each other or if you have been married for 5, 10, 20, 50 yrs... marriage is a lifetime of adjustments. there is more to it than what you've been through so far. we should learn from our mistakes... not to take one another for granted. we shouldn't dwell on changing each other and pointing out flaws instead we should work on building and encouraging each other up. there's nothing more promising than to put God in the center of your marriage. He will give you the desire and power to change, you cannot do this on your own nor can you change your spouse. one of the best blessings we have in our marriage now that truly is helping every areas of our lives is that we do our devotional together before we sleep.

we're grateful to know that a big part of being married is to please God. i really believe that marriage must involve three persons: God, the husband and the wife. entering a marriage relationship has a life long commitment and God forbids divorce (that's in the book of Matthew). honestly, as for me and noel... ever since God renewed our spiritual marriage... divorce is never an option anymore.

and to all the singles out there, i encourage you to choose your marriage partner carefully. in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 it says, "one should never enter a relationship, as intimate as marriage, with those who refuse to honor Jesus as Lord. although my kids have a long way to go, this was actually our topic the other day. that we prefer our kids to be with someone who loves the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul. why? because having Christ as the first in your life brings great peace, comfort, joy and agape love.

~ ok, that's our lesson for today hehehe ~

anyway, i will post a picture later, but i recently joined karate and kickboxing class with my daughter, camille. and i could say it was definitely AWESOME! i'm such an unfit person hahaha, i'm not into sports nor have failed myself in many exercise techniques (classes, videos, equipments, etc.) that's why yesterday i felt like i was at a boot camp or something hahaha. those push-ups & sit-ups i had to endure hehehe i like the jumping jacks, but anyway, over all it i really think it's worth it. i must say though that kickboxing really pushed me to give up. my legs gave in on me. i'll try again next time, but i was commended by my peers coz they said for a first-timer i did more than what was expected and performed pretty good. however, my instructor said "i knew you're going to be the problem child!" hehehe - well coz i was giggling a lot. yikes! k, i hope i keep up with this... need self-control. i can do this!

i'm glad my daughter loved it! it's a great time to bond with her too! (in a different way - seeing another side of each other)

k, back to work!

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Charisma said...

lolzz -- good one! cant wait to see the pics...

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