Monday, October 1

Our Marriage Review

Hello readers, I don't even know where to begin. Thanks Love ( putting me on the spot there..j/k)lolz.. First of all, let me just say Thank you lord for another great weekend especially the sharing that I am about to tell you all. It might be a little confusing so bare with me

Hope that I don't lose you . =)..So, ill try to keep it short ..we'll see

William and I have been married for 3 yrs now. And we went out for almost 6 yrs before we got married. Every 6 months or a year . we would have our Marriage Annual Review ( You talk, I listen), See William and I are totally different people. He is more on the serious side, very expressive and very emotional. And here I am the comedian one, unexpressive about my feeligs and unemotional( not all the time - okay). Hey, that's what makes us a good couple -- opposites attract..lolzz... Well, Saturday morning after our great meeting with our team. My hubby went straight home around 2PM and asked me if we can have my mom babysit the kids for the rest of the afternoon but I just came up with an excuse and told him that my mom is working that day. Really, I was just trying to avoid his question because I know exactly that he wants to have our talk. So, Yes -- I was pretty nervous...Knowing me --like i said.. I wasn't even ready. I didn't have anything ready to talk about.. Lolzz. I am not gonna tell you guyz the whole thing here but I will just give a good example.. Basically, my honey and I was saved and accepted Jesus Christ on Sept 2003. I started going to church before him but I noticed the my husband has more desire to follow the Lord and be obedient to HIM. Don't get me wrong, I also do have desire to follow HIM but I am the slow process and I know that God's time will come. At home, William does more of our devotional prayer and listening to Bible CD --- and I do the reading and research ( whenever I have my question). He asked me If i still love him. I said of course especially He is now a new creation, that’s who you are. He is changed, transformed by the love of God. He really didn't believe me right away. So, i had to explain to him in a very harsh funny way. But even if we kinda ended our conversation in a very confusing way. He was very understanding enough to just leave it alone and let me relax and have time to think. lolz..So,him and destiny went out to get some food.... I know that it wasn't done. So today! YES! and we just actually finished our dinner and finally continued our talk and finally finished this subject. Today i apologized to him from the harsh words I said yesterday. See, since I wasn't ready to talk yesterday. He was asking me some questions. If he was boring me -etc.. And I paused for good 30 seconds and I said 50-50... But I didn't' get to explain it to him right. But you can see the look on his face that he sort of understood and confused at the same time. So today after I had a talk with my girlfriends, I went to the car for good 20 minutes and I just prayed to give me the wisdom to talk to my husband. So thank God for the words. This time - he finally understood what I was really trying to say. We both know that our Marriage is not something that is going to be easy. We will face many more spiritual battles than we are facing right now. We both have to have a committed prayer life and devotion time ( not just him doing it) but also me with HIM. To be apart of a marriage team and not afraid of anything that Satan will try and destroy our lives. We both know that God knows everyone’s desires and knows that He will lead us on the right path. I know that HE desires us to show the love that He has for us in everything that we do and that means walking it out daily in our lives and to experience the true marriage in God is to let Him be an author. I know that even if we both made mistakes or have our downfalls from everything -- No matter what we know that God is there. He is the head of our marriage. Its not about looking at our mistakes anymore but its about learning to love unconditionally even through those mistakes. I know that God wants my 100% commitment, my heart and be obedient to HIS words. And may I say that I am guilty of all these. God is soo good! He just made a way for me to wake up and realize what I've been missing. I thank God for my husband. I thank HIM for being able to share HIS feelings about me anytime and it helps me a lot. I learned something new everyday. What did I learn from this talk experience? First of all and the most important - that one should we believe and trust our most loving Almighty God in every step. God ways are perfect. I have changed ( it will not happen overnight) but all things are possible with HIM and I have a new changed loving husband. Of course there is so much to be done, but we leave everything up to God. Well, gotta go to sleep now. I think my husband is about to read my blog soon..lolz.j/k. Hes been asking me to sleep now. See, one thing about him --If you wanna know. He can't sleep when I am not next to him. Before, I find that very annoying. Now, I find it very sweet. Thank you Lord for all your words of wisdom, your promises, your love, for directing me to the right path, the trials and forgiving me always. Thank you Lord for our marriage. We know that you are not done with us yet. We love you Lord. Goodnite!

All the praise and glory goes to our Lord, Jesus Christ

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Lovely said...

took a quick break to read your blog. again, i'm so proud of you... ALL PRAISES TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER talaga!

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