Saturday, October 27

parties again?

yesterday after work, i had to run a few errands while in a hurry to get home on time since my 2 kids were going to their own separate halloween parties.

noel brought our son to his school's "halloween hop", while my daughter and i went to pick-up her friends and my gf, aileen. too bad dad didn't bring a camera, but you know for mom... cam is part of my necessity *wink*

well, off we went to elevate's "pumpkin bash" in willow creek. our girlfriend, char w/ des and her friend met with us there as well.

the girls had a blast watchin' and dancin' with the "stellar band" and def enjoyed the awesome activities they had put together. 1400 jr. high kids came. where were we? well, we ended up waiting at chilli's... of course we have to have our own fun too! as always, great talk with my girls.

here's some pics from last night!

both my hubby and i received a warm thanks from our kids for an awesome nite! just what we needed to hear to complete the night *wink*

but b4 i sign-off, just wanted to wish my gf, char and her fam a safe and fun trip to canada! see u all when u get back! can't wait for her endless stories and pics.

enjoy the weekend everyone! continue to be blessed and be a blessing!

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Charisma said...

Lolzz -- that was a fun nite.. Oh gosh! i was sooo tired but all worth it.. Thanks for the pics.. Have to download all the pics to CD. I don't have anymore room. lolzz

Btw -- you looked so great.. Losing lotz of weight there huh! =)

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