Tuesday, April 22

3 in 1

last sunday we celebrated 3 birthdays all because of our hectic schedules we decided to celebrate them altogether... plus it's cheaper that way hehehe

it was my dad, my brother & sis' birthday! happy birth my loves!

we finally tried the new "little quiapo" (filipino restaurant). although we had to wait for almost an hour (i had a reservation) i will give them **** for their food and cute scenery (it would've been better if they have nice chairs & tables, but i guess it's ok). i was hoping they had some of the dishes & sweets i wanted, but again it's ok... can't complain. my fam had an awesome time not only with each other, but most esp. with the food. my dad went back 4x... really worth taking him to buffets, lolz.
i'm taking on a challenge that was suggested by my home church, willow. most of them are the ones i mentioned on my previous blog, "my concerns". there's this other one i'm doing for a week that has something to do with the celebration of hope also. however, i feel that i should blog about it separately, once i'm done with it. it's really tough and i'm only on my 2nd day. i'm really hoping this experience will open my eyes more to what God wants to accomplish through me and others who have taken the challenge.

ok, before i sign off, i'd like to take this opportunity to ask all of you to pray for one of my readers in tn. her scree name is "sweetmaker", she has a 14 yr old daughter who takes so many medications and has to see so many mds that it's affecting their daily lives. she had to cut back on her hrs at her current job to be able to take care of her daughter which is causing them a financial burden as well. we may not know her personally, but your prayers will surely make a difference in their lives. for when 2 or 3 are gathered in Jesus' name, He is with us.

as for you my friends, i thank the Lord for your time in reading my blogs and sending me emails. through your support and kind words, i see no reason for me not to keep on.

p.s. i will post some pictures when i get my computer fixed. i have a feeling it's now the psu and i haven't had time to replace the one i ordered since they sent me a bigger one. goodness! so till then, may you be ok with just all text and no pics =(

God bless you all beautiful people!

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