Monday, April 14

concerns i have lately

lately, i've been seeing news here and there about the rice crisis in the philippines. just today, i've seen the long line of poor people trying to buy subsidised rice, but each family can only purchase a limited amount. 2 of the many families that were interviewed who both have more than 5 people in their household were only able to purchase 1 week worth of rice. these people travelled such a long way just to be able to purchase a few.

one sad effect on soaring food prices have put pressure on millions of parents to cut costs by pulling their children out of class.

it breaks my heart just typing this and pushes me more to pray harder to get the Lord's approval to send us to the philippines this october for our project hope mission. please friends, include our ministry in your prayers.

also in other countries like zambia and zimbabwe, there are mothers who have nothing to feed their children. so they end up taking dirt and water, bake it into a mud pie and give it to their children in a desperate attempt to starve off hunger pains.

it doesn't offer any nourishment of course, but they don't know what else to do. friends, did you know every 5 seconds, a child dies from hunger-related causes? calculate it yourself... that's 12 children every min. 720 children every hour. more than 17,000 children every day.

i highly commend american idol's "idol gives back" - although most are probably not even a Christ follower, i thank the Lord for each one of them coz no matter what their reason is their donation will help many starving family.

so why am i really sharing this to you? there's only one reason... it's only because you and i can be a part of the solution too.

each spring my home church, willow creek, finds purposeful, creative ways to take God's love to people with critical needs. this year's celebration of hope campaign tackles hunger.

here are 3 challenges for you: (begins apr. 19 - may 11, mother's day)
- provide meals: help pack 3.5 million nutritionally complete meals. if you live in illinois, you can sign up for your 2 hr. shift, visit
- limit your consumption: intentionally limit your spending for 3 weeks, set aside the money saved to fight hunger and send it to willow creek (make check payable to: willow creek and under memo: celebration of hope)
- experience the world market: support fair trade artisans and learn about long term solutions to hunger at the world market.

of course these are just a few of the things we all can do to help, but i urge you to seek ways to get your help out there. just look at your children and think how life would be if it happened to them.

i pray that everyone reading this will feel the need to do something. let's come together and make a difference. there's nothing too small to help someone in need. let's act now.

in advance, i thank the Lord for you already.

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