Thursday, April 24


i dedicate this blog to my daddy =) *my puter is still not working so can't really upload pics*

we call him, "dodo" (pronounced as du-du) coz when my parents got married, my mom wanted them to have a different nickname instead of the usual; eg. sweetheart, love, honey, or babe. the idea came from their vows... when they said "i do" to each other, except my mom repeated the do part. get it?

although we celebrated his birthday last sunday, i felt bad for not seeing him today. he lives so far that's why i couldn't even drive there for dinner. he went to work and just on his way home now to eat dinner by himself =(

so i made sure to at least make him laugh for his special day =) hope to see him again this weekend.

i guess that's it for now. blog again later! happy birth dad! i love u!

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