Saturday, April 12

my poor hard drive =(

so much applications it's failing on me =( i had to do an emergency call to dell coz my computer is not turning on. little did i know my hard drive just had enough of me hehehe

i only had 40gb and just upgraded to 500gb. can't wait till it arrives! i think after having this computer for the longest it deserves to be fed lolz.

so what else am i up to today? my husband finally surprised me to get our foyer, hallway and family room painted. i'm so excited! i've been wanting this for the longest. we've ordered the paints last year and it's been sitting in the basement and now i'm finally going to enjoy the new color! i'll take before and after pics.

since i can't leave the house... i've come up with things to do with the kids so hopefully they'll enjoy mom's plan =)

did i mention to you that we finally had a chance to go miniature golfing the last time the weather was nice? coz it was the only time noel was off - we just had to take advantage of it. as usual it was great going out with a complete family. noel always sparks up funny remarks that completes our day.

here's some pics: gotta run - painter's call - will upload later!

since i'm done with my video projects, i'm off to have an awesome time with my kids!
enjoy your weekend! God speed!

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