Tuesday, April 8

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

i'm so sorry if anyone of you received an email from blogger regarding reset passwords. i couldn't remember mine so i just kept clicking to retrieve 'em, but messed up in the beginning.

school, work, bouncy and husband are just enough to fill my hectic schedule and scream! although i enjoy them all, i think i need a break! fortunately, my husband is planning a trip for the two of us to bahamas in 3 weeks. ahh! just what i needed. just a few minutes ago i was reminiscing about my slow-paced life and how it seemed so simple and comfortable until now that i have all this to worry about! i so want to be a child again. okay, what am i doing? i'm complaining again! ms. love will kill me ;) it's not that i don't like what i do now, i'm just tired i guess and need some days to rest. no phones, no laptops, no books to read for school, no errands to run. c'mon 1 week is all i ask!

okay, enough with the complaining before ms. love deletes my blog :)

so lovely, thanks for this blog we get to keep in touch! believe me, no matter how hectic life is, i still find time to read your blogs. so sorry i haven't been able to check-in 'till now. i'm having coffee break while watching bouncy run around the back yard. i was working on my portfolio and started getting a headache just thinking about my deadlines. good thing i can type away and just be myself for a few minutes.

so i heard about forefront, will you guys be affected? cec has laid-off hundreds a few weeks ago. keep me posted! i know, i'm the one who's hardly keeping in touch. will make it up to you sweetie!

so, how's the weather there? it's been wonderfully beautiful down here. bouncy's lovin' it! wish you can come and visit me again, bring the family this time!

i'm enjoying the pics by the way. i gotta upload me some. my blog looks dull all the time :)
i can't wait to see the mother's day video you're doing. you do realize that it's tuesday already and you said you'll upload it today... so honey, you better! j/k

missing my old life,

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